Velocity Software, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the performance measurement of z/VM and Linux on z. The Velocity Performance Suite consist of a set of tools that enable installations running z/VM to manage Linux and z/VM performance. In addition, many components of server farms can be measured and analyzed. Performance data can be viewed real-time through the use of either 3270 or a browser. The CLOUD Implementation (zPRO) component is designed for full cloud PaaS implementation as well as to extend the capabilities of the z/VM sysprog (system programmer) to the browser world. This feature moves system management to the point-and-click crowd. Archived data and reports can be kept available of long term review and reporting usine zMAP. The zVPS, formally ESALPS, components consist of: zMON (formally ESAMON - real-time display of performance data), zTCP (formally ESATCP - SNMP data collection), zMAP (formally ESAMAP - historical reporting and archiving), zVWS (formally ESAWEB - z/VM based web server), zTUNE (a subscription service), zVIEW (formally SHOWCASE - web based viewing of performance data), zPRO (new to the quality line of Velocity Software Products). Velocity continues to work with other software vendors to ensure smooth interface with or from other products such as VM:Webgateway, CA-Webgateway, EnterpriseWeb, MXG, MICS. Velocity software remains the leader and inovator in the z/VM performance, Linux performance, Managing cloud computing arenas.
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zPRO - Modernizing the great z/VM platform!

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z/VM runs on very modern hardware - that keeps being enhanced. However the provided user interface for z/VM has not kept up with technology. This makes most of z/VM much more complex then necessary, requiring a skill level that should be unnecessary. Velocity Software's goal with zPRO is to modernize the user interface to z/VM and simplify user interactions with the platform.

zPRO is completely IPv6 compatible and can function in IPv4 only, IPv4/IPv6 mixed or IPv6 only networks.

Enterprise Perspective

Installations have dispersed workloads that may be on multiple LPARs, multiple geographies, and even multiple platforms. zPRO provides a single pane of glass that encompasses the enterprise, and allows management of workloads regardless of where the z/VM based servers are operating.

zPRO Objectives

zPRO's original objectives were to provide an on-prem cloud environment where users could manage their own servers without requiring interaction with systems programmers or other system administrators. This objective was met, but it became clear there was much more opportunity to build on this architecture. The objectives now go beyond just providing an "on-prem" cloud environment.

On-prem Cloud

As this was the first objective of zPRO, Velocity Software is excited about where this technology has gone, and how successful it has become in many financial and government institutions. The ability to transform your users from a paper heavy request system to a cloud like environment increases platform acceptance.

zPRO greatly simplifies the provisioning and management of Linux servers on Z. It enables installations running the IBM z/VM platform to create their own private PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment. Allowing end users to administer their own servers greatly reduces the perspective of z/VM being a "legacy" platform.

Empowering the users both improves user productivity, and reduces the need for skills. Skills are always required, but in today's world with a focus on reducing costs, replacing people as they retire becomes less important if there is a supportive infrastructure.

zPRO's modern, simple and intuitive browser-based interface allows installations to take advantage of the strengths of the mainframe without requiring any understanding of the underlying platform.

The functions provided to support the on-prem cloud are:

Modernizing System Tools

zPRO greatly improves productivity of mainframe systems programmers by condensing complex tasks into simple "point and click" operations. zPRO creates an intuitive user interface using modern browser technology. Enhancing system programmer productivity creates time for other important work or issues.

zPRO provides a growing collection of robust features. expectations of the Linux on Z community.

With the management layer provided by zPRO, many of the underlying functions often difficult to manage are hidden from the users. There is no need to learn traditional 3270 command line interfaces for products like Dirmaint, RACF, VM:Secure, etc when required functions are performed in the background to support user requests.

Many traditional command line interfaces and often associated products can be easily replaced by zPRO. The following looks at what zPRO can do from a functional level:

From reading this list of current features of zPRO, you might think that Velocity Software wants to own the user interface for z/VM. You would be correct. A modern user interface is necessary to promote the platform, and at this time, Velocity Software owns the only native z/VM web server and thus is in the unique position to fully own the future of how users interact with the platform.

zPRO Product Benefits

zPRO: Keep It Simple!

One of the benefits of the z/VM platform over the last 40 years has been the simplicity of the platform. Complex solutions fail because of too many moving parts, too many APIs and overhead. zPRO eliminates complexity:


If you would like to evaluate if zPRO is the right solution for you and your organization, please email us at and we will organize a test installation for you.

Demonstration Site!

Velocity Software maintains a cloud for demonstration purposes and for supporting your education needs. If there is a need to access a mainframe for education purposes, this is offered by Velocity Software at "zPRO DEMO" (use the ID of DEMOZPRO and password DEMODEMO to acquire your own demo User ID)

There is also education provided for hands-on users at "" allowing a self-study education path for students finding it difficult to access a mainframe platform free of charge....

NEW! zPRO from Ansible

Drive API calls from Ansible to zPRO. Click here to find out more!

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