Velocity Software, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the performance measurement of z/VM and Linux on z. The Velocity Performance Suite consist of a set of tools that enable installations running z/VM to manage Linux and z/VM performance. In addition, many components of server farms can be measured and analyzed. Performance data can be viewed real-time through the use of either 3270 or a browser. The CLOUD Implementation (zPRO) component is designed for full cloud PaaS implementation as well as to extend the capabilities of the z/VM sysprog (system programmer) to the browser world. This feature moves system management to the point-and-click crowd. Archived data and reports can be kept available of long term review and reporting usine zMAP. The zVPS, formally ESALPS, components consist of: zMON (formally ESAMON - real-time display of performance data), zTCP (formally ESATCP - SNMP data collection), zMAP (formally ESAMAP - historical reporting and archiving), zVWS (formally ESAWEB - z/VM based web server), zTUNE (a subscription service), zVIEW (formally SHOWCASE - web based viewing of performance data), zPRO (new to the quality line of Velocity Software Products). Velocity continues to work with other software vendors to ensure smooth interface with or from other products such as VM:Webgateway, CA-Webgateway, EnterpriseWeb, MXG, MICS. Velocity software remains the leader and inovator in the z/VM performance, Linux performance, Managing cloud computing arenas.
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The z/VM and Linux Performance Management Company

Velocity Software is the world wide recognized leader in z/VM and Linux on System z ("zLinux") Performance Management, providing facilities for Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning, accounting, and operational support tools. Velocity Software has been producing premier products to support this environment for two decades.

Successful installations rely on Velocity Software to obtain optimal performance from their z/VM systems and Linux guests, from proof-of-concept to deployment of mission-critical applications.

Once again we are offering the famous Performance Class for z/VM and Linux on z Systems on June 26th to 27th, 2018 The Class will be held just prior to the VM Workshop at NCAT.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity for a full week of excellent education!

If you are in sunny Joburg in May, we will host a performance update on the 8th.

Please send us an email to if you would like to attend our class and we will reserve the seat for you.

Wonder about "Docker containers" and how to measure them? They are not all that mysterious when you see what I see. A short docker performance overview is now available.

How about Windows Server Performance Management? Velocity Software does not charge for managing your Microsoft servers, even if you monitor thousands of them. What can we manage using the standard snmp agent provivded by Microsoft? See the windows performance overview.

Having performance problems with Linux on "z"? Are your z/VM performance management skills sufficient? Performance management includes capacity planning AND performance tuning - and requires proper instrumentation, tools and access to experience. For a comprehensive understanding of what Velocity Software has to offer, visit our products page.

For help from performance experts from a vendor where "buy more hardware" is not recommendation number one, get help from our experts with zTUNE.

An introduction to "Managing Performance for Linux on z/VM" has been provided for installations wanting to understand performance management for Linux on "z", the requirements, and how Velocity Software's product offerings are used by most successful Linux implementations to manage their performance .

We are happy to share the Velocity Software's Performance News with you! The printed quarterly Newsletter has articles from both the leading performance experts in the industry, and Linux on system Z users sharing their Linux on System Z success stories. Please send a note to with your mail address if you would like to receive a printed copy. Or visit here for the digital version.

Previous versions of newsletters in digital format can be found on our news page.

Velocity Software's Performance Workshop Velocity Software provides education via a 4 Day Performance Workshop held in different geographies and by engagement at customer locations.

Our free 1 Day Performance Seminars, provides an intense introduction to Linux on "z" performance. Watch the schedule for a seminar near you.

Interested in Accounting and Chargeback? Click here for a short white paper on how easy zVPS makes accounting for the Linux and z/VM platform.

Support for z/VM 6.4 and z14 is with release 4.3 of zMON, zMAP, zTCP, zMON and zVPS. As always, watch for additional functional enhancements in future upgrades of the products.

Velocity Software has an exceptional support reputation, often receiving unsolicited compliments. Our standard statement of support is always exceeded.

Don't miss Velocity Software's Performance Seminars