Velocity Software, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the performance measurement of z/VM and Linux on z. The Velocity Performance Suite consist of a set of tools that enable installations running z/VM to manage Linux and z/VM performance. In addition, many components of server farms can be measured and analyzed. Performance data can be viewed real-time through the use of either 3270 or a browser. The CLOUD Implementation (zPRO) component is designed for full cloud PaaS implementation as well as to extend the capabilities of the z/VM sysprog (system programmer) to the browser world. This feature moves system management to the point-and-click crowd. Archived data and reports can be kept available of long term review and reporting usine zMAP. The zVPS, formally ESALPS, components consist of: zMON (formally ESAMON - real-time display of performance data), zTCP (formally ESATCP - SNMP data collection), zMAP (formally ESAMAP - historical reporting and archiving), zVWS (formally ESAWEB - z/VM based web server), zTUNE (a subscription service), zVIEW (formally SHOWCASE - web based viewing of performance data), zPRO (new to the quality line of Velocity Software Products). Velocity continues to work with other software vendors to ensure smooth interface with or from other products such as VM:Webgateway, CA-Webgateway, EnterpriseWeb, MXG, MICS. Velocity software remains the leader and inovator in the z/VM performance, Linux performance, Managing cloud computing arenas.
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RLEASE                            XAMAP release (Number)
*** Processor System Data
SYTSYP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTSYP.PLSABNCT                   Soft abends (Number)
SYTSYP.PLSDIAGT                   IBM-supplied Diagnose instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSPRVIS                   Simulated instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSEXTNX                   External interrupts (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSEXTNC                   External SIGPs issued (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSMCHCT                   Machine checks detected (Number)
SYTSYP.PLSCTSS                    Start Subchannel instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSCTRS                    Resume Subchannel instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSCTCS                    Clear Subchannel instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSCTHS                    Halt Subchannel instructions (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSCTSI                    Solicited interrupts (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSCTUI                    Unsolicited interrupts (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSPIOPR                   Page read operations (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSPIOPW                   Page write operations (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSPIOSR                   Spool read operations (Number per Second)
SYTSYP.PLSPIOSW                   Spool write operations (Number per Second)
*** Processor Data
SYTPRP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTPRP.CPUUTIL                    Total CPU utilization (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.USEROVHD                   CPU overhead charged to users (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PLSCUHAF                   Hard affinity dispatches (Number per Second)
SYTPRP.PFXPRBTM                   Emulation mode for all users (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PFXUTIME                   CPU time charged to users (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PFXTMSYS                   CPU not charged to users (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PLSVFVTM                   Real vector facility used while in SIE (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PLSVFOTM                   CPU time spent switching vector users (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PLSVFLOD                   Vector loads (Number per Second)
SYTPRP.PFXTOTWT                   CPU idle (Percent of time)
SYTPRP.PFXRUNCI                   Non-fast-path SIE interceptions (Number per Second)
SYTPRP.PFXRUNPF                   Guest page faults (Number per Second)
SYTPRP.PFXRUNCP                   SIE instructions (Number per Second)
SYTPRP.CALFSTPH                   Fast-path instruction simulations (Number per Second)
*** Processor Real Storage Data
SYTRSP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTRSP.PLSSTLFR                   Frames to satisfy free extend condition (Number)
SYTRSP.PLSPRQDF                   Tasks deferred waiting for page (Number)
SYTRSP.PLSSHRRD                   Total page reads and PGINs for shared pages (Number)
SYTRSP.PLSALEMP                   Times available list became empty (Number)
SYTRSP.PLSNOCMP                   Failed demand scans (Number per Second)
*** Processor Expanded Storage Data
SYTXSP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTXSP.PFXPGIN                    Fast-path PGINs (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGIN                    PGINs (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGOUT                   PGOUTs (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGXRD                   Page tables moved from expanded storage (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGXWT                   Page tables moved to expanded storage (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGMRX                   Page table translations causing ES page read (Number per Second)
SYTXSP.PLSPGMRD                   Page table translations causing DASD page read (Number per Second)
*** Global Inter-Machine Communication Data
SYTCOM.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTCOM.PLSISEVM                   IUCV data transfers by users (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEMA                   IUCV data transfers by *MSGALL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEM                    IUCV data transfers by *MSG (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISERA                   IUCV data transfers by *RPI (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEBL                   IUCV data transfers by *BLOCKIO (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEMO                   IUCV data transfers by *MONITOR (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTMA                   IUCV data transfers to *MSGALL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTVM                   IUCV data transfers to users (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTM                    IUCV data transfers to *MSG (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTRA                   IUCV data transfers to *RPI (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTBL                   IUCV data transfers to *BLOCKIO (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTMO                   IUCV data transfers to *MONITOR (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUVM                   IUCV data transfer failures by users (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUMA                   IUCV data transfer failures by *MSGALL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUM                    IUCV data transfer failures by *MSG (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISURA                   IUCV data transfer failures by *RPI (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUBL                   IUCV data transfer failures by *BLOCKIO (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUMO                   IUCV data transfer failures by *MONITOR (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSVSEVM                   VMCF data transfers by users (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSVSTVM                   VMCF data transfers to users (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSVSUVM                   VMCF data transfer failures (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISECS                   IUCV data transfers by *CCS (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTCS                   IUCV data transfers to *CCS (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUCS                   IUCV data transfer failures by *CCS (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISESI                   IUCV data transfers by *SIGNAL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTSI                   IUCV data transfers to *SIGNAL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUSI                   IUCV data transfer failures by *SIGNAL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISESP                   IUCV data transfers by *SPL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTSP                   IUCV data transfers to *SPL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUSP                   IUCV data transfer failures by *SPL (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISESY                   IUCV data transfers by *SYMPTOM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTSY                   IUCV data transfers to *SYMPTOM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUSY                   IUCV data transfer failures by *SYMPTOM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEAC                   IUCV data transfers by *ACCOUNT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTAC                   IUCV data transfers to *ACCOUNT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUAC                   IUCV data transfer failures by *ACCOUNT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISELO                   IUCV data transfers by *LOGREC (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTLO                   IUCV data transfers to *LOGREC (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISULO                   IUCV data transfer failures by *LOGREC (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISECR                   IUCV data transfers by *CRM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTCR                   IUCV data transfers to *CRM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUCR                   IUCV data transfer failures by *CRM (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISEID                   IUCV data transfers by *IDENT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTID                   IUCV data transfers to *IDENT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUID                   IUCV data transfer failures by *IDENT (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISECF                   IUCV data transfers by *CONFIG (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISTCF                   IUCV data transfers to *CONFIG (Number per Second)
SYTCOM.PLSISUCF                   IUCV data transfer failures by *CONFIG (Number per Second)
*** Scheduler Timer Pop Data
SCLSTP.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMRSCTM                   Reset interval (Seconds)
SCLSTP.SYSPGRAT                   Page reads (Number per second)
SCLSTP.SRMSTEAL                   Page steal percent (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMSTRD                    Estimated page read elapsed milliseconds (Number)
SCLSTP.SRM1AVWS                   Average E1 user working set size (Number)
SCLSTP.SRM1AVPG                   Average E1 user paging rate (Number per second)
SCLSTP.SRMSTSRW                   System resource storage weight (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMAPGDE                   Average in-queue user paging rate (Number per second)
SCLSTP.SRMAWSDE                   Average in-queue user working set size (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMPGSRW                   System resource paging weight (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMEPNF1                   E1 expansion factor (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMEPNF2                   E2 expansion factor (Number)
SCLSTP.SRMEPNF3                   E3 expansion factor (Number)
*** Channel Path Connection Data
SYTCPC.CHANCONT                   Channel contention (Number)
SYTCPC.CHANSAMP                   Number of samples (Number)
SYTCPC.HFCOUNT                    Number of high-frequency samples (Number)
*** Processor Scheduler Data
SYTSCP.PLSEQKAD                   Times QUICKDSP user added to dispatch list (Number)
SYTSCP.PLSEFRC1                   Behind-schedule Q1 adds (Number per second)
SYTSCP.PLSEFRC2                   Behind-schedule Q2 adds (Number per second)
SYTSCP.PLSEFRC3                   Behind-schedule Q3 adds (Number per second)
*** Processor Real Storage Activity Data
STORSP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
STORSP.PLSFRECT                   Free storage requests (Number)
STORSP.PLSFRET                    Free storage returns (Number)
STORSP.PLSPGXTD                   Free store frame requests (Number)
STORSP.PLSFSPCT                   Regular free storage suppool requests satisfied (Number)
STORSP.PLSDXFRE                   Regular frames returned (Number)
STORSP.PLSFVRRQ                   V=R free storage requests (Number)
STORSP.PLSFVRCT                   Free storage calls satisfied from V=R subpools (Number)
STORSP.PLSFVRLS                   V=R requests satisfied not from V=R subpools (Number)
STORSP.PLSPREAD                   Total page faults causing page reads (Number)
STORSP.PLSPNEW                    First-time referenced pages (Number)
STORSP.PFXCLEAR                   First-time referenced fast-path page faults (Number)
STORSP.PFXPTRCT                   Fast-path page translations (Number)
STORSP.PLSRELES                   Page release functions (Number)
STORSP.PLSRETFR                   Frames returned to available list (Number)
STORSP.PLSRELFR                   Frames returned by release function (Number)
STORSP.PLSALNCT                   Frames obtained from available list (Number)
STORSP.PLSSTLWT                   Frame replacement writes pending (Number)
STORSP.PLSTRMWT                   Changed frames taken by trim function (Number)
STORSP.PLSLTD1                    Long term dormant list passes (Number)
STORSP.PLSDORM1                   Dormant list passes (Number)
STORSP.PLSSYS1                    System VMDBK scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSSHAR1                   NSS and DCSS scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSELIG1                   Eligible list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSDISP1                   Dispatch list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSLTD2                    Long-term dormant list passes (Number)
STORSP.PLSDORM2                   Dormant list passes (Number)
STORSP.PLSELIG2                   Eligible list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSDISP2                   Dispatch list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSSHARE                   Emergency NSS and DCSS scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSDORME                   Emergency dormant list passes (Number)
STORSP.PLSELIGE                   Emergency eligible list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSSYSE                    Emergency system VMDBK scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSDISPE                   Emergency dispatch list scans (Number)
STORSP.PLSLTDP1                   Frames taken from long-term dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSDRMP1                   Frames taken from dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSSHRP1                   Frames taken from NSS and DCSS (Number)
STORSP.PLSSYSP1                   Frames taken from system VMDBK (Number)
STORSP.PLSDSPP1                   Frames taken from dispatch users (Number)
STORSP.PLSELGP1                   Frames taken from eligible users (Number)
STORSP.PLSLTDP2                   Frames taken from long-term dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSDRMP2                   Frames taken from dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSSHRP2                   Frames taken from NSS and DCSS (Number)
STORSP.PLSDSPP2                   Frames taken from dispatch users (Number)
STORSP.PLSELGP2                   Frames taken from eligible users (Number)
STORSP.PLSDRMPE                   Frames taken from dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSSHRPE                   Frames taken from NSS and DCSS (Number)
STORSP.PLSSYSPE                   Frames taken from system VMDBK (Number)
STORSP.PLSDSPPE                   Frames taken from dispatch users (Number)
STORSP.PLSELGPE                   Frames taken from eligible users (Number)
STORSP.PLSTRECT                   Trim eligible user invocations (Number)
STORSP.PLSTEFCT                   Frames taken when trimming eligible users (Number)
STORSP.PLSTRDCT                   Trim dormant user invocations (Number)
STORSP.PLSTDFCT                   Frames taken when trimming dormant users (Number)
STORSP.PLSPGDRD                   Page table translations causing DASD page read (Number)
STORSP.PLSPGDWT                   Page tables written to DASD (Number)
*** Processor Activity Data
PRCPRP.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-00                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-01                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-02                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-03                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-04                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-05                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-06                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-07                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-08                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-09                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-10                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-11                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-12                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-13                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-14                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-15                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-16                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-17                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-18                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-19                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-20                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-21                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-22                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-23                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-24                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-25                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-26                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-27                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-28                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-29                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSSTLNU-30                Stolen VMDBKs (Number)
PRCPRP.PFXDSPCS                   Long dispatches (Number)
PRCPRP.PLSDSPCM                   Dispatched VMDBK moves (Number)
PRCPRP.DSVMAXUS                   Maximum users in PLDV (Number)
PRCPRP.HFCOUNT                    Sample count (Number)
PRCPRP.HFUSERZ                    PLDV empty (Number)
PRCPRP.HFUSERC                    VMDBKs in PLDV when not empty (Number)
*** Global Active User Data
ACTIVE.PCTACT                     Active (Percent of time)
ACTIVE.TACTIVE                    Total active users (Number)
ACTIVE.VACTIVE                    Virtual active users (Number)
ACTIVE.SAMPLES                    Sample count (Number)
*** Monitor Configuration Data
MONITR.SAMPLE                     Sample area size (Number)
MONITR.EVENT                      Event area size (Number)
MONITR.SCONFIG                    Sample Configuration area size (Number)
MONITR.ECONFIG                    Event Configuration area size (Number)
MONITR.WRAPS                      Number of event area wraps (Number)
*** Global Real Storage Data
SYTRSG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAFSTOR                   Free storage area size (Number)
SYTRSG.SYSVRSZ                    V=R area size (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAFSYUD                   Free storage in use (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAFVRUD                   V=R free storage in use (Number)
SYTRSG.SYSRSVPG                   Reserved pages (Number)
SYTRSG.RSACPLOK                   Frames locked via CP LOCK command (Number)
SYTRSG.RSANONPG                   Pages locked for I/O, LOCK cmd, system lock (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAPGABL                   Pageable storage (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAAVAIL                   Frames on available list (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAFRQWT                   Deferred tasks waiting for a frame (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAXTEND                   Outstanding requests for free storage extend page (Number)
SYTRSG.RSAXFREE                   Free storage extend frames (Number)
SYTRSG.RSASAVFR                   Frames in use for SAVBKs (Number)
SYTRSG.VMDGSEXH                   Guest survival free storage exhaustions (Number)
SYTRSG.SYS98XA                    Pages locked via 31-bit mode Diagnose 98 (Number)
SYTRSG.SYS98370                   Pages locked via 24-bit mode Diagnose 98 (Number)
*** Global Auxiliary Storage Data
SYTASG.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTASG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTASG.CAL90FUL                   Times in interval paging area was 90 percent full (Number)
SYTASG.CAL91FUL                   Times in interval spooling area was 90 percent full (Number)
SYTASG.CALSLTA1                   Paging slots allocated (Number)
SYTASG.CALSLTI1                   Paging slots in use (Number)
SYTASG.SALPRFAV                   Preferred paging slots allocated (Number)
SYTASG.SALPRFIU                   Preferred paging slots in use (Number)
SYTASG.CALSLTA2                   Spooling slots allocated (Number)
SYTASG.CALSLTI2                   Spooling slots in use (Number)
SYTASG.SYSSFCRT                   Spool files created (Number per minute)
SYTASG.SYSSFPUR                   Spool files purged (Number per minute)
SYTASG.CALTOTM1                   Sum of system paging exposure modified device loads (Number)
SYTASG.CALAVGM1                   Average system paging exposure modified device load (Number)
SYTASG.CALTOTM2                   Sum of system spooling exposure modified device loads (Number)
SYTASG.CALAVGM2                   Average system spooling exposure modified device load (Number)
SYTASG.CALDMPAV                   Dump slots available (Number)
SYTASG.CALDMPIU                   Dump slots in use (Number)
*** Shared Storage Data
SYTSHS.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTSHS.SYSTANSS                   Active NSSs (Number)
SYTSHS.SYSTADCS                   Active DCSSs (Number)
SYTSHS.RSASHARE                   Resident shared frames (Number)
SYTSHS.CALNUMSA                   Shared address spaces (Number)
SYTSHS.RSACTSHR                   Shared address space resident frames (Number)
*** Global User Data
SYTUSR.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SYTUSR.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTUSR.SYSUSRS                    Logged-on users (Number)
SYTUSR.SRMCDORM                   Users in dormant state (Number)
SYTUSR.INQUEUE                    In-Queue users (Number)
SYTUSR.CALMPTRV                   Average trivial MP transaction response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALMPTCT                   Trivial MP transactions (Number per second)
SYTUSR.CALMPNTR                   Average non-trivial MP transaction response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALMPNCT                   Non-trivial MP transactions (Number per second)
SYTUSR.CALUPTRV                   Average trivial UP transaction response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALUPTCT                   Trivial UP transactions (Number per second)
SYTUSR.CALUPNTR                   Average non-trivial UP transaction response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALUPNCT                   Non-trivial UP transactions (Number per second)
SYTUSR.CALQDNTR                   Average QUICKDSP transaction response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALQDNCT                   QUICKDSP transactions (Number per second)
SYTUSR.CALTOTCP                   Average response time (Number)
SYTUSR.CALTOTCT                   Average transaction rate (Number per second)
*** Global Scheduler Data
SYTSCG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMCDISP                   Runnable users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMCDLDG                   Loading users in dispatch list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC1DSP                   Q1, Q2, and Q3 users in dispatch list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC2DSP                   Q2 and Q3 users in dispatch list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC3DSP                   Q3 users in dispatch list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC1ELG                   E1, E2, and E3 users in eligible list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC2ELG                   E2 and E3 users in eligible list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC3ELG                   E3 users in eligible list (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC1DLD                   Q1, Q2, and Q3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC2DLD                   Q2 and Q3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC3DLD                   Q3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC1ELD                   E1, E2, and E3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC2ELD                   E2 and E3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMC3ELD                   E3 loading users (Number)
SYTSCG.SRME1ETS                   Q1 time slice in seconds (Number)
SYTSCG.SRME2ETF                   Q2 time slice factor (* Q1 time slice)
SYTSCG.SRME3ETF                   Q3 time slice factor (* Q1 time slice)
SYTSCG.SRMABSDL                   Runnable VMDBKs total absolute shares (Number)
SYTSCG.SRMRELDL                   Runnable VMDBKs total relative shares (Number)
*** Global User Wait State Data
SYTUWT.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTUWT.NONIDLE                    Non-idle VMDBKs (Number)
SYTUWT.CALTIDL                    VMDBKs in test idle and not SVM wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALTSVM                    VMDBKs in test idle and SVM wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALIOWT                    In-queue VMDBKs in I/O wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALWTPAG                   In-queue VMDBKs in Page Wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALCFWT                    In-queue VMDBKs in Console Function Wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALSIMWT                   In-queue VMDBKs in Simulation Wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALCPUWT                   In-queue VMDBKs in CPU Wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALCPURN                   In-queue VMDBKs running (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALOTHR                    In-queue VMDBKs not in above states (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALQDISP                   QUICKDSP VMDBKs in dispatch list (Percent)
SYTUWT.CALELSVM                   Eligible VMDBKs in SVM wait (Percent)
SYTUWT.SRMCELIG                   Eligible VMDBKs (Percent)
SYTUWT.SRMDSVMW                   VMDBKS in dormant list and in SVM wait (Percent of time)
SYTUWT.CALIOACT                   In-queue VMDBKs with asynchronous I/O active (Percent)
*** Global Expanded Storage Data
SYTXSG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
SYTXSG.XSTXBGET                   Expanded Storage allocations (Number)
SYTXSG.XSTXBREL                   Expanded Storage releases (Number)
SYTXSG.XSTUSRSH                   Times NSS or DCSS visited by migration (Number)
SYTXSG.XSTCTXAV                   Expanded Storage blocks available (Number)
SYTXSG.XSTCPPAR                   Expanded Storage blocks in CP partition (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCPY                   Page-aligned buffer pages (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCPN                   Non-page-aligned buffer pages (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCPR                   PGIN operations (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCPW                   PGOUT operations (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCAC                   Maximum pages authorized for MDC (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCNE                   Pages in use by MDC (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCPH                   Part of page list in cache (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCEX                   Buffers not cached because fair share exceeded (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCLI                   Maximum buffer insertions (Number per fair-share interval)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCAU                   Users inserting at least one buffer in last minute (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCHT                   Cache read hits (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCMS                   Cache read misses (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCEM                   Hash comparisons looking for empty slot (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCIS                   Hash table insertions (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCSP                   Hash comparisons for existing entry (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCSU                   Successful hash table searches (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCFP                   Hash comparisons for non-existent entry (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCFA                   Unsuccessful hash table searches (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCLP                   Hash table load factor (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCQC                   Waiting queue insertions (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCXG                   Blocks taken from CP XSTORE (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCXR                   Blocks returned to CP XSTORE (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCTR                   Total read requests (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCIA                   I/O operations avoided (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCIB                   Invalidated blocks (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCIT                   Invalidation requests (Number)
SYTXSG.HCPMDCIH                   Invalidation request hits (Number)
*** Storage Configuration Data
*** Paging Configuration Data
MTRPAG.PGS(1)                     Total "PAGE" pages (Number)
MTRPAG.PGS(2)                     Total "SPOOL" pages (Number)
MTRPAG.PGS(3)                     Total "PREF" pages (Number)
MTRPAG.CALCYLNO(1)                Total "PAGE" cylinders (Number)
MTRPAG.CALCYLNO(2)                Total "SPOOL" cylinders (Number)
MTRPAG.CALCYLNO(3)                Total "PREF" cylinders (Number)
*** Scheduler Configuration Data
MTRSCH.SRMTSLIC                   Minor time slice (Clock units)
MTRSCH.SRMTSHOT                   Minor time slice for HOTSHOT users (Clock units)
*** Expanded Storage Configuration Data
MTRXSG.XSTOTALB                   Expanded Storage blocks configured to CP (Number)
MTRXSG.SYSXTSIZ                   Expanded Storage blocks installed (Number)
*** Global Real Storage Activity Data
STORSG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
STORSG.CALSSUBT                   Blocks on free storage subpool list (Number)
STORSG.CALVSUBT                   Blocks on V=R subpool list (Number)
STORSG.RSASAVFR                   Frames in use for save areas (Number)
STORSG.RSAMAXPP                   Reserved frames (Number per CPU)
STORSG.RSACPLOK                   Frames locked by CP LOCK command (Number)
STORSG.RSAAVLLT                   Available list low threshold (Number)
STORSG.RSAAVLHT                   Available list high threshold (Number)
STORSG.XSTBPRCT                   Page faults for block pages (Number)
STORSG.XSTSRGCT                   Single page reads for guest (Number)
STORSG.XSTMRABI                   Freeloader pages detected by page migration (Number)
STORSG.XSTSRABI                   Freeloader pages detected by page steal (Number)
STORSG.XSTSRSCT                   Single reads for System (Number)
STORSG.CALASCRT                   Times pageable address space reorganized (Number)
STORSG.CALASCFT                   Number of unused paging virtual segment control pages (Number)
STORSG.CALASCUT                   Number of paging virtual segment control frames (Number)
*** Block Paging Data
STOBPG.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
STOBPG.PAGETIME                   Milliseconds (Number per page read)
STOBPG.PGRDRATE                   Blocks read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGRDSIZE                   Average read block size (Number)
STOBPG.PGWRRATE                   Blocks written (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGWRSIZE                   Average write block size (Number)
STOBPG.PGMGRATE                   Blocks migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGMGSIZE                   Average migrate block size (Number)
STOBPG.PGDBR(1)                   Blocks of size 1 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(2)                   Blocks of size 2 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(3)                   Blocks of size 3 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(4)                   Blocks of size 4 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(5)                   Blocks of size 5 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(6)                   Blocks of size 6 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(7)                   Blocks of size 7 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(8)                   Blocks of size 8 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(9)                   Blocks of size 9 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(10)                  Blocks of size 10 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(11)                  Blocks of size 11 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(12)                  Blocks of size 12 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(13)                  Blocks of size 13 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(14)                  Blocks of size 14 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(15)                  Blocks of size 15 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(16)                  Blocks of size 16 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(17)                  Blocks of size 17 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(18)                  Blocks of size 18 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(19)                  Blocks of size 19 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBR(20)                  Blocks of size 20 read (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(1)                   Blocks of size 1 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(2)                   Blocks of size 2 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(3)                   Blocks of size 3 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(4)                   Blocks of size 4 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(5)                   Blocks of size 5 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(6)                   Blocks of size 6 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(7)                   Blocks of size 7 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(8)                   Blocks of size 8 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(9)                   Blocks of size 9 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(10)                  Blocks of size 10 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(11)                  Blocks of size 11 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(12)                  Blocks of size 12 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(13)                  Blocks of size 13 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(14)                  Blocks of size 14 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(15)                  Blocks of size 15 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(16)                  Blocks of size 16 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(17)                  Blocks of size 17 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(18)                  Blocks of size 18 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(19)                  Blocks of size 19 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBM(20)                  Blocks of size 20 migrated (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(1)                   Blocks of size 1 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(2)                   Blocks of size 2 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(3)                   Blocks of size 3 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(4)                   Blocks of size 4 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(5)                   Blocks of size 5 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(6)                   Blocks of size 6 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(7)                   Blocks of size 7 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(8)                   Blocks of size 8 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(9)                   Blocks of size 9 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(10)                  Blocks of size 10 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(11)                  Blocks of size 11 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(12)                  Blocks of size 12 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(13)                  Blocks of size 13 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(14)                  Blocks of size 14 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(15)                  Blocks of size 15 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(16)                  Blocks of size 16 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(17)                  Blocks of size 17 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(18)                  Blocks of size 18 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(19)                  Blocks of size 19 stolen (Number per second)
STOBPG.PGDBS(20)                  Blocks of size 20 stolen (Number per second)
*** Expanded Storage Management Data
STOXSG.SAMPLES                    Observations (Number)
STOXSG.XSTMIGS                    Migration invocations (Number)
STOXSG.XSTBLKDM                   Expanded Storage blocks migrated (Number)
STOXSG.XSTSUMAG                   Migrated Expanded Storage blocks total age (Number)
STOXSG.XSTBLKCY                   Non-dormant guest Expanded Storage blocks migrated (Number)
STOXSG.XSTBLKSH                   NSS and DCSS Expanded Storage blocks migrated (Number)
STOXSG.XSTBLKSY                   CP Expanded Storage blocks migrated (Number)
STOXSG.XSTLOTHR                   Migration low threshold (Number)
STOXSG.XSTCYCLS                   Migrator complete cyclic list circuits (Number)
STOXSG.XSTCPDAL                   Guest Expanded Storage blocks migrated (Number)
STOXSG.XSTNOIO                    Expanded Storage blocks released without I/O (Number)
SUSPND.SAMPLES                    Sample data suspends (Number)
SUSPND.EVENTS                     Event data suspends (Number)
*** User Configuration Data
USRCON.LOGONS                     Number of logons (Number)
USRCON.LOGOFFS                    Number of logoffs (Number)
USRCON.LOGGEDTM                   Time in seconds user was logged on (Number)
USRCON.TACTIVE                    Intervals user used CPU (Number)
USRCON.VACTIVE                    Intervals user used virtual CPU (Number)
USRCON.VMDRELSH                   RELATIVE share (Number)
USRCON.VMDABSSH                   ABSOLUTE share (Number)
USRCON.CALXSTOR                   Expanded storage attached to user (Megabytes)
USRCON.CALORGIN                   First real block number attached (Number)
USRCON.CALXSLIM                   Last real block number attached (Number)
*** User Activity Data
USRACT.VACTIVE                    Intervals user used virtual CPU (Number)
USRACT.NUSERS                     Number of users (Number)
USRACT.NACTIVE                    Number of users active in interval (Number)
USEACT.SAMPLES                    User activity samples (Number)
USEACT.VMDTTIME                   CPU time used in monitor interval (Seconds)
USEACT.VMDVTIME                   Virtual time used in monitor interval (Seconds)
USEACT.VMDVFVTM                   Vector time used in monitor interval (Seconds)
USEACT.VMDVFOTM                   Vector overhead time used in monitor interval (Seconds)
USEACT.VMDCTPRS                   Resident frames (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTLKP                   Frames locked (Number)
USEACT.VMDWSSPR                   Projected WSS (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTXBK                   Expanded Storage page slots (Number)
USEACT.VCALXSTOR                  Attached Expanded Storage (Megabytes)
USEACT.VMDCTFLT                   Segment and page faults (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTVFL                   Number of vector loads (Number)
USEACT.VMDFLREO                   Frame list reorders (Number)
USEACT.VMDRESET                   Referenced frames reset (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTNPS                   Non-preferred page slots (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTPPS                   Preferred page slots (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTPWT                   Queued page and spool I/O (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTPGR                   I/O for page read (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTPGW                   I/O for page write (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTSPR                   I/O for spool read (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTSPW                   I/O for spool write (Number)
USEACT.VMDPGSPL                   Pages spooled (Number)
USEACT.VMDVCSCT                   Console SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVDSCT                   DASD SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVUSCT                   Unit-record SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVTSCT                   Virtual CTCA SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVOSCT                   Other device SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTPST                   Frames taken (Number)
USEACT.VMDISEVM                   Source IUCV SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.VMDISTVM                   Sink ICUV SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.VMDISUVM                   Error IUCV SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVSEVM                   Source VMCF SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVSTVM                   Sink VMCF SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.VMDVSUVM                   Error VMCF SENDs and REPLYs (Number)
USEACT.CALIUCVS                   IUCV SEND messages queued (Number)
USEACT.CALIUCVR                   IUCV RECEIVE messages queued (Number)
USEACT.CALIUCVY                   IUCV REPLY messages queued (Number)
USEACT.CALVMCF                    VMCF messages queued (Number)
USEACT.VMDX98CT                   Diagnose X"98" count (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTMIG                   Pages migrated from expanded storage (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTXWT                   Pages moved from central to expanded storage (Number)
USEACT.VMDCTXRD                   Pages moved from expanded to central storage (Number)
USEACT.VMDBLKCT                   *BLOCKIO SSCHs (Number)
USEACT.VMDMDCIA                   SSCHs avoided due to MDC hit (Number)
USEACT.VMDCOPCT                   Crypto operation exceptions (Number)
USEACT.VMDASMCT                   Non-base address spaces (Number)
USEACT.MAXASMCT                   Maximum non-base address spaces (Number)
USEACT.ACTVWSS                    Working set impact (Number)
USEACT.ACTVRES                    Resident page impact (Number)
*** User Interaction Data
USEINT.SAMPLES                    User interaction samples (Number)
USEINT.VMDSVMFX                   Times in SVM wait (Number)
USEINT.CALINTRN                   Times contributing to transaction (Number)
USEINT.VMDSVMWT                   Times SVM wait flag on (Number)
USEINT.VMDSVMW2                   Times SVM wait backup flag on (Number)
USEINT.VMDRDYCM                   Times awaiting IUCV or VMCF response (Number)
USEINT.HFQUCT                     High-frequency queue state samples (Number)
USEINT.HFDISP0                    Times in Q0 (Number)
USEINT.HFDISP1                    Times in Q1 (Number)
USEINT.HFDISP2                    Times in Q2 (Number)
USEINT.HFDISP3                    Times in Q3 (Number)
USEINT.HFELIG0                    Times in E0 (Number)
USEINT.HFELIG1                    Times in E1 (Number)
USEINT.HFELIG2                    Times in E2 (Number)
USEINT.HFELIG3                    Times in E3 (Number)
USEINT.HFELIG                     Times in Eligible list (Number)
USEINT.HFDISP                     Times in Dispatch list (Number)
USEINT.HFSTCT                     High-frequency dispatch state samples (Number)
USEINT.HFTIDL                     Times in test idle (Number)
USEINT.HFTSVM                     Times in idle SVM wait (Number)
USEINT.HFIOWT                     Times in I/O wait (Number)
USEINT.HFCFWT                     Times in Console Function WAIT (Number)
USEINT.HFSIMWT                    Times in simulation wait (Number)
USEINT.HFWTPAG                    Times in page wait (Number)
USEINT.HFCPUWT                    Times in CPU wait (Number)
USEINT.HFCPURN                    Times running (Number)
USEINT.HFESVM                     Times Eligible and in SVM wait (Number)
USEINT.HFLOAD                     Times considered loading (Number)
USEINT.HFDORM                     Times dormant (Number)
USEINT.HFDSVM                     Times dormant and in SVM wait (Number)
USEINT.HFOTHR                     Times in other states (Number)
USEINT.VMDCNTID                   Times test idle avoided (Number)
USEINT.VMDCTIDL                   Times test idle granted (Number)
USEINT.VMDDFRWK                   Deferred work items (Number)
USEINT.VMDCPRMD0                  Times preempted from Q0 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCWSGD0                  Times WSS too large for Q0 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCETSD0                  Times time slice expired in Q0 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCIDLD0                  Times test idle time expired in Q0 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCPRMD1                  Times preempted from Q1 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCWSGD1                  Times WSS too large for Q1 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCETSD1                  Times time slice expired in Q1 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCIDLD1                  Times test idle time expired in Q1 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCPRMD2                  Times preempted from Q2 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCWSGD2                  Times WSS too large for Q2 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCETSD2                  Times time slice expired in Q2 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCIDLD2                  Times test idle time expired in Q2 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCPRMD3                  Times preempted from Q3 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCWSGD3                  Times WSS too large for Q3 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCETSD3                  Times time slice expired in Q3 (Number)
USEINT.VMDCIDLD3                  Times test idle time expired in Q3 (Number)
USEINT.HFIOACT                    Times asynchronous I/O active (Number)
*** User Transaction End Data
USETRE.CALTRIV                    Trivial commands executed (Number)
USETRE.CALNTRIV                   Non-trivial commands executed (Number)
USETRE.QTIMETRV                   Time in queue for trivial transaction (Number)
USETRE.QTIMENTR                   Time in queue for non-trivial transaction (Number)
USETRE.WORKTRIV                   Time dispatchable for trivial transaction (Number)
USETRE.WORKNTR                    Time dispatchable for non-trivial transaction (Number)
USETRE.CALQDISP                   Quick Dispatch commands executed (Number)
USETRE.QTIMEQD                    Time in queue for Quick Dispatch transaction (Number)
USETRE.WORKQD                     Time dispatchable for Quick Dispatch transaction (Number)
USETRE.CLS1_COUNT                 Class 1 transaction count (Number)
USETRE.CLS1_MEETS                 Class 1 transactions meeting SLO (Number)
USETRE.CLS2_COUNT                 Class 2 transaction count (Number)
USETRE.CLS2_MEETS                 Class 2 transactions meeting SLO (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET1                Transaction count in response bucket 1 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET2                Transaction count in response bucket 2 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET3                Transaction count in response bucket 3 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET4                Transaction count in response bucket 4 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET5                Transaction count in response bucket 5 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET6                Transaction count in response bucket 6 (Number)
USETRE.RESP_BCKET7                Transaction count in response bucket 7 (Number)
USETRE.SLO_PCT1                   Class 1 SLO target percent (Number)
USETRE.SLO_RESP1                  Class 1 SLO target response time (Number)
USETRE.SLO_PCT2                   Class 2 SLO target percent (Number)
USETRE.SLO_RESP2                  Class 2 SLO target response time (Number)
USETRE.AVGRATE                    Average transaction rate (Number)
USETRE.AVGRESP                    Average transaction response time (Number)
USETRE.PCTSLO                     Total pct transactions meeting SLO (Number)
SFSAPL.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
SFSAPL.SAMPLES                    Application data samples (Number)
SFSAPL.REQUESTS                   Total SFS requests (Number)
SFSAPL.AGENTHWM                   Active Agents highest value (Number)
SFSAPL.STORHWM                    Virtual Storage highest value (KB)
SFSAPL.STORDENY                   Virtual Storage requests denied (Number)
SFSAPL.CHKPNTNUM                  Checkpoints taken (Number)
SFSAPL.CHKPNTTIM                  Checkpoint time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.RACFNUM                    Security Manager exit calls (Number)
SFSAPL.RACFTIM                    Security Manager exit time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.ERACFNUM                   External Security Manager exit calls (Number)
SFSAPL.ERACFTIM                   External Security Manager exit time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.ADDSTOR                    Add Storage requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CACHEREL                   Cache Release requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CHGTHRESH                  Change Threshold requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CLOSEDIR                   Close Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CLOSE                      Close File requests (Number)
SFSAPL.COMMIT                     Commit requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CONNECT                    Connect requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRALIAS                    Create Alias requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRDIRECT                   Create Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.DELDIRECT                  Delete Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.DELETE                     Delete File requests (Number)
SFSAPL.DELSTOR                    Delete Storage requests (Number)
SFSAPL.FILECOPY                   File Copy requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GETDIR                     Get Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GETDIRENT                  Get Directory Entry requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GRANTADMIN                 Grant Administrator Authorization requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GRANTAUTH                  Grant Authorization requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GRANTUSER                  Grant User Connect requests (Number)
SFSAPL.LOCK                       Lock requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENDIR                    Open Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENNEW                    Open File New requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENREAD                   Open File Read requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENREP                    Open File Replace requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENWRITE                  Open File Write requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QADMIN                     Query Administrator requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QCONNECT                   Query Connected Users requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QENROLL                    Query Enrolled Users requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QLOCK                      Query Lock Conflicts requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QPOOL                      Query File Pool requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QSPACE                     Query User Space requests (Number)
SFSAPL.READ                       Read File requests (Number)
SFSAPL.MRCLOSE                    Recovery Close Catalog requests (Number)
SFSAPL.MRGET                      Recovery Get Catalog requests (Number)
SFSAPL.MROPEN                     Recovery Open Catalog requests (Number)
SFSAPL.MRPUT                      Recovery Put Catalog requests (Number)
SFSAPL.REFRSHDIR                  Refresh Directory requests (Number)
SFSAPL.RELOCATE                   Relocate requests (Number)
SFSAPL.RENAME                     Rename requests (Number)
SFSAPL.REVOKADMIN                 Revoke Administrator Authorization requests (Number)
SFSAPL.REVOKAUTH                  Revoke Authorization requests (Number)
SFSAPL.REVOKEU                    Revoke User requests (Number)
SFSAPL.ROLLBACK                   Rollback requests (Number)
SFSAPL.UNLOCK                     Unlock requests (Number)
SFSAPL.WRITEACCT                  Write Accounting requests (Number)
SFSAPL.WRITE                      Write File requests (Number)
SFSAPL.REQUESTTIM                 File Pool request service time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.REMOTEREQ                  Remote File Pool requests (Number)
SFSAPL.ALIASREAD                  Alias Definitions examined (Number)
SFSAPL.ALIASUPD                   Alias Definitions updated (Number)
SFSAPL.BEGINLUW                   Begin Logical Units of Work (Number)
SFSAPL.LUWTIME                    Agent holding time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.LUWROLLB                   Logical Unit of Work rollbacks (Number)
SFSAPL.SACCALLS                   SAC calls (Number)
SFSAPL.GRPXLOCK                   Storage Group explicit lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.FSXLOCK                    File Space explicit lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.DIRXLOCK                   Directory explicit lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.FILEXLOCK                  File explicit lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.GRPLLOCK                   Storage Group logical lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.FSLLOCK                    File Space logical lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.DIRLLOCK                   Directory logical lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.FILELLOCK                  File logical lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.CATLLOCK                   Catalog Lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.LOCKTIME                   Lock wait time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.DEADLOCK                   Deadlocks (Number)
SFSAPL.QSAMREQ                    QSAM requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QSAMTIME                   QSAM time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.FILBLKRD                   File blocks read (Number)
SFSAPL.FILBLKWR                   File blocks written (Number)
SFSAPL.CATPAGRD                   Catalog blocks read (Number)
SFSAPL.CATPAGWR                   Catalog blocks written (Number)
SFSAPL.CTLBLKRD                   Control Minidisk blocks read (Number)
SFSAPL.CTLBLKWR                   Control Minidisk blocks written (Number)
SFSAPL.LOGREAD                    Log blocks read (Number)
SFSAPL.LOGWRITE                   Log blocks written (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOFILRD                   BIO requests to read File blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOFILWR                   BIO requests to write File blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOCATRD                   BIO requests to read Catalog blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOCATWR                   BIO requests to write Catalog blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOCTLRD                   BIO requests to read Control Minidisk blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOCTLWR                   BIO requests to write Control Minidisk blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.BIOTIME                    Total BIO request time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.SIOFILRD                   I/O requests to read File blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.SIOFILWR                   I/O requests to write File blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.SIOCATRD                   I/O requests to read Catalog blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.SIOCATWR                   I/O requests to write Catalog blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.SIOCTLRD                   I/O requests to read Control Minidisk blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.SIOCTLWR                   I/O requests to write Control Minidisk blocks (Number)
SFSAPL.RELBLKS                    Release Blocks requests (Number)
SFSAPL.TCLOSE                     Temporary Close requests (Number)
SFSAPL.SETESMUD                   SFS Send User Data requests (Number)
SFSAPL.PREPARE                    Prepare requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CHGATTR                    Change File Attribute requests (Number)
SFSAPL.MAXCONNHWM                 Highest MAXCONN used (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRGETCAP                  GET Capability requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GETLOGNAME                 Get Log Name requests (Number)
SFSAPL.GETLUWID                   CRR Get Logical Unit of Work ID  requests (LUWID)
SFSAPL.RESYNCINIT                 Resynchronization Initial requests (Number)
SFSAPL.RESYNCPV                   Resynchronization Protocal Violation requests (Number)
SFSAPL.RESYNCQDIR                 Resynchronization Query Direction requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRLOGWR                   CRR Write Log requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRREQTIME                 CRR request service time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.SYNCPOINT                  Number of Synchronization Points (Number)
SFSAPL.SYNCPTTIME                 Synchronization Point time (Tenths of ms)
SFSAPL.CRRLOGRES                  Participating Resources CRR Write Log requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRLOGCKPT                 CRR Log Checkpoints taken (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRLOGIO                   CRR Log I/O requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CRRBIOTIME                 CRR Block I/O  request time (tenths of ms) (BIO)
SFSAPL.DATASPACE                  Dataspace requests (Number)
SFSAPL.DIRATTR                    Dirattr requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QACCESSORS                 Query Accessors requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QDATASPACE                 Query Database requests (Number)
SFSAPL.SETREFDATE                 Set Reference Date requests (Number)
SFSAPL.DIRRESLOCK                 DIRCONTROL resource lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.DEADROLL                   Deadlocks causing rollback (Number)
SFSAPL.CHANGEDRA                  Change DFSMS Related Attribute requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CREATEEO                   Create External Object requests (Number)
SFSAPL.CREATEFILE                 Create File requests (Number)
SFSAPL.QUERYSG                    Query User Storage Group requests (Number)
SFSAPL.SENDSMS                    Send DFSMS Data requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENMIGRAT                 Migrate requests (Number)
SFSAPL.OPENRECALL                 Recall requests (Number)
SFSAPL.RECALLNUM                  Recall DFSMS File exit calls (Number)
SFSAPL.RECALLTIM                  Recall DFSMS File exit time (Number)
SFSAPL.OSMSEXNUM                  Other DFSMS exit calls (Number)
SFSAPL.OSMSEXTIM                  Other DFSMS exit time (Number)
SFSAPL.EXITNUM                    DMSSFSEX exit calls (Number)
SFSAPL.EXITTIM                    DMSSFSEX exit time (Number)
SFSAPL.RCLEXITCON                 Recall exit lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.FILERCLCON                 File Recall lock conflicts (Number)
SFSAPL.CONNECTU                   Connect User requests (Number)
SFSAPL.PRECOORD                   Precoordination requests (Number)
*** Input/Output Device Configuration Data
CONFIG.RDEVLCNT                   Minidisk links (Number)
CONFIG.DEVGBYTES                  Device capacity in GB (Number)
*** Input/Output Device Activity Data
IODDEV.SECONDS                    Interval size (Seconds)
IODDEV.SAMPLES                    Sample count (Number)
IODDEV.NDEVICES                   Number of devices (Number)
IODDEV.SCMSSCH                    SSCH and RSCH count (Number)
IODDEV.SCMCOUNT                   Sample count (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVCTSR                   Recovery SSCHs (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVRCWH                   Reserve CCWs held immediately (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVRCWP                   Reserve CCWs held pending (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVRTPD                   Time reserve held pending (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVCTSI                   Solicited interrupts (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVCTUI                   Unsolicited interrupts (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVMICT                   Missing interrupts detected by MIH (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVCTRG                   Lock requests granted (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVCTRD                   Lock requests deferred (Number)
IODDEV.RATE                       SSCH and RSCH rate (Number per second)
IODDEV.SCMCNTIM                   Channel Connect time (Number)
IODDEV.SCMFPTIM                   Pend time (Number)
IODDEV.SCMDDTIM                   Disconnect time (Number)
IODDEV.SERVTIME                   Service time (Number)
IODDEV.DEVBUSY                    Busy (Percent of time)
IODDEV.HFRDEVCT                   High frequency samples (Number)
IODDEV.HFCTIO                     SSCHs queued (Number)
IODDEV.QUEUELEN                   Average queue length (Number)
IODDEV.QUEUETIM                   Time in queue (Number per second)
IODDEV.RESPTIME                   Response time (Number)
IODDEV.MAXSCMSSCH                 Maximum SSCH and RSCH rate (Number per second)
IODDEV.MAXQUEUE                   Maximum queue length (Number)
IODDEV.SEEKS                      Number of seeks (Number)
IODDEV.SEEKCYLS                   Cylinders travelled (Number)
IODDEV.ZEROSEEK                   Number of zero-length seeks (Number)
IODDEV.WRITES                     Number of write channel programs (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVSKCT                   Number of arm position changes (Number per second)
IODDEV.RDEVSKSM                   Average cylinders travelled (Number per seek)
IODDEV.RDEVWRCT                   Number of write channel programs (Number per second)
IODDEV.RDEVRDCT                   Number of read channel programs (Number per second)
IODDEV.SSCHSUM2                   Sum of squares of SSCH rates (Number per second)
IODDEV.SSCHSUM3                   Sum of cubes of SSCH rates (Number per second)
IODDEV.TOP25                      SSCHs to top 25 percent of devices (Number)
IODDEV.VIUCNTIN                   Times device went into SIE Assist (Number)
IODDEV.VIUTIMIN                   Time device spent in SIE Assist (Microseconds)
IODDEV.VIUCNTLV                   Times device started to leave SIE Assist (Number)
IODDEV.VIUTIMLV                   Time device spent leaving SIE Assist (Microseconds)
IODDEV.VIUCNTOT                   Times device not in SIE Assist (Number)
IODDEV.VIUTIMOT                   Time device spent out of SIE Assist (Microseconds)
IODDEV.CALIOPX                    Times device eligible for SIE Assist to XA guest (Number)
IODDEV.CALIOP3                    Times device eligible for SIE Assist to 370 guest (Number)
IODDEV.CALIOPN                    Times device not eligible for SIE Assist (Number)
IODDEV.RDEVMCIA                   SSCHs avoided due to minidisk cache (Number)
*** Cache Device Activity Data
IODCAD.CACHTYPE                   Cache type (DASD, PAGE, or 3990)
IODCAD.SECONDS                    Seconds (Seconds)
IODCAD.TOTALIO                    Total operations (Number per second)
IODCAD.TOTHITS                    Total hits (Number)
IODCAD.SRNORM                     Search and read operations (Number)
IODCAD.SRNORMHIT                  Search and read hits (Number)
IODCAD.WRNORM                     Write normal operations (Number)
IODCAD.WRNORMHIT                  Write normal hits (Number)
IODCAD.SRSEQ                      Search and read sequential operations (Number)
IODCAD.SRSEQHIT                   Search and read sequential operation hits (Number)
IODCAD.WRSEQ                      Write sequential operations (Number)
IODCAD.RDNOCACH                   Inhibit cache loading operations (Number)
IODCAD.SRBND                      Sequential reads from bound tracks (Number)
IODCAD.WRBND                      Writes to bound tracks (Number)
IODCAD.DASDCACHIO                 DASD to cache operations (Number)
IODCAD.CACHCHAN                   Cache to channel (Bytes)
IODCAD.DASDCHAN                   DASD to channel only (Bytes)
IODCAD.CACHDASD                   Cache to DASD (Bytes)
IODCAD.DASDCACH                   DASD to cache only (Bytes)
IODCAD.DASDBOTH                   DASD to channel and cache (Bytes)
IODCAD.DASDNONE                   Bypass cache operations (Number)
IODCAD.DASDSEQ                    Sequential DASD to cache operations (Number)
IODCAD.SAMPLES                    Samples (Number)
IODCAD.SAMPENAB                   Samples with cache enabled (Number)
IODCAD.SRFAST                     Search or read cache fast write I/O requests (Number)
IODCAD.SRFASTHIT                  Search or read cache fast write I/O request hits (Number)
IODCAD.FASTWRITE                  Cache fast write I/O requests (Number)
IODCAD.FASTWRHIT                  Cache fast write I/O request hits (Number)
IODCAD.SDASDCACH                  Sequential DASD to cache transfer operations (Tracks)
IODCAD.CACHDASDX                  Cache to DASD transfer operations (Tracks)
IODCAD.DASDCACHX                  DASD to cache transfer operations (Tracks)
IODCAD.DASDNONE                   bypass cache I/O  (Number)
IODCAD.DFWHIT                     DASD fast write hits  (Number)
IODCAD.DFWSEQHIT                  DASD fast write sequential hits  (Number)
IODCAD.DFWDIR                     DASD fast write direct requests  (Number)
IODCAD.DFWNORM                    DASD fast write normal I/O  (Number)
IODCAD.DFWSEQ                     DASD dast write sequential I/O  (Number)
IODCAD.SEQDETECT                  Sequential-detected read I/O  (Number)
IODCAD.SAMPLES-03                 Samples (3990-03)
IODCAD.SAMPENAB-03                Samples with cache enabled (3990-03)
IODCAD.IOPS                       Total I/O (Number per second)
IODCAD.CACHEIO                    Cache hits (Number)
IODCAD.NSEQOPS                    Non-sequential paging operations (Number)
IODCAD.NSEQRDS                    Non-sequential page reads (Number)
IODCAD.NSEQRDHIT                  Non-sequential read hits (Number)
IODCAD.SEQOPS                     Sequential paging operations (Number)
IODCAD.SEQRDS                     Sequential page reads (Number)
IODCAD.SEQRDHIT                   Sequential read hits (Number)
IODCAD.BLKWRIT                    Block writes (Number)
IODCAD.SWPOPS                     Swap in operations (Number)
IODCAD.SWPRDS                     Swap in reads (Number)
IODCAD.SWPRDHIT                   Swap in read hits (Number)
IODCAD.BLOCKDISC                  Block discards (Number)
IODCAD.DASDWRTS                   DASD updates (Number)
IODCAD.BLKWRTS                    Block updates (Number)
*** Processor Auxiliary Storage Data
STOASP.PPAGES                     Number of preferred page slots (Number)
STOASP.GPAGES                     Number of general page slots (Number)
STOASP.SPAGES                     Number of spool slots (Number)
STOASP.SAMPLES                    Number of samples (Number)
STOASP.SECONDS                    Seconds in sample (Seconds)
STOASP.SPLUSED                    Number of spool slots in use (Number)
STOASP.PAGUSED                    Number of page slots in use (Number)
STOASP.SPLMAXU                    Maximum spool slots in use (Number)
STOASP.PAGMAXU                    Maximum page slots in use (Number)
STOASP.EXPCTSRD                   Spool reads (Number)
STOASP.EXPCTSWR                   Spool writes (Number)
STOASP.EXPCTPRD                   Page reads (Number)
STOASP.EXPCTPWR                   Page writes (Number)
STOASP.EXPCURQC                   Average Page and Spool I/O active or queued (Number)
STOASP.EXPCTACP                   Page and spool I/O added to CCW chain (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCTUSI                   User I/O interferences (Number per second)
STOASP.SSCHSECS                   Time interval of STOASP segment in seconds (Number)
STOASP.SSCH                       Total SSCH + RSCH in interval (Number)
STOASP.EXPCONT(1)                 Contiguous free space of 1 slot found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(2)                 Contiguous free space of 2 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(3)                 Contiguous free space of 3 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(4)                 Contiguous free space of 4 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(5)                 Contiguous free space of 5 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(6)                 Contiguous free space of 6 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(7)                 Contiguous free space of 7 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(8)                 Contiguous free space of 8 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(9)                 Contiguous free space of 9 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(10)                Contiguous free space of 10 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(11)                Contiguous free space of 11 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(12)                Contiguous free space of 12 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(13)                Contiguous free space of 13 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(14)                Contiguous free space of 14 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(15)                Contiguous free space of 15 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(16)                Contiguous free space of 16 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(17)                Contiguous free space of 17 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(18)                Contiguous free space of 18 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(19)                Contiguous free space of 19 slots found (Number per second)
STOASP.EXPCONT(20)                Contiguous free space of 20 or more slots found (Number per Second)
STOASP.EXPDEVST                   Device service time (Milliseconds)
STOASP.EXPMLOAD                   Modified device load (Number)
STOASP.CPVLOKAT                   Times volume considered during allocation selection (Number)
STOASP.CPVALOCD                   Times volume selected for allocation (Number)
STOASP.CPVLDUMP                   Times counted "dump-only volume" (Number)
STOASP.CALNOCPV                   Times counted "not CP volume" (Number)
STOASP.CALMDISK                   Times counted "mapped minidisk volume" (Number)
STOATC.CALCYLNO                   Number of cylinders (Number)
STOATC.CALSTART                   Start cylinder (Number)
STOATC.DDIPPCYL                   Number of pages (Number per cylinder)
*** Transaction Classification Data
TCLASS.CPUCLASS1                  Processor transaction class 1 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS2                  Processor transaction class 2 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS3                  Processor transaction class 3 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS4                  Processor transaction class 4 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS5                  Processor transaction class 5 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS6                  Processor transaction class 6 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.CPUCLASS7                  Processor transaction class 7 limit (Milliseconds)
TCLASS.IOCLASS1                   DASD transaction class 1 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS2                   DASD transaction class 2 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS3                   DASD transaction class 3 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS4                   DASD transaction class 4 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS5                   DASD transaction class 5 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS6                   DASD transaction class 6 limit (Number)
TCLASS.IOCLASS7                   DASD transaction class 7 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS1                 Page fault transaction class 1 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS2                 Page fault transaction class 2 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS3                 Page fault transaction class 3 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS4                 Page fault transaction class 4 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS5                 Page fault transaction class 5 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS6                 Page fault transaction class 6 limit (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECLASS7                 Page fault transaction class 7 limit (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS1                Think time transaction class 1 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS2                Think time transaction class 2 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS3                Think time transaction class 3 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS4                Think time transaction class 4 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS5                Think time transaction class 5 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS6                Think time transaction class 6 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.THINKCLASS7                Think time transaction class 7 limit (Seconds)
TCLASS.COUNT                      Number of transactions (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT1                  Number of transactions in processor class 1 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT2                  Number of transactions in processor class 2 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT3                  Number of transactions in processor class 3 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT4                  Number of transactions in processor class 4 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT5                  Number of transactions in processor class 5 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT6                  Number of transactions in processor class 6 (Number)
TCLASS.CPUCOUNT7                  Number of transactions in processor class 7 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT1                   Number of transactions in DASD class 1 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT2                   Number of transactions in DASD class 2 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT3                   Number of transactions in DASD class 3 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT4                   Number of transactions in DASD class 4 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT5                   Number of transactions in DASD class 5 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT6                   Number of transactions in DASD class 6 (Number)
TCLASS.IOCOUNT7                   Number of transactions in DASD class 7 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT1                 Number of transactions in page fault class 1 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT2                 Number of transactions in page fault class 2 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT3                 Number of transactions in page fault class 3 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT4                 Number of transactions in page fault class 4 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT5                 Number of transactions in page fault class 5 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT6                 Number of transactions in page fault class 6 (Number)
TCLASS.PAGECOUNT7                 Number of transactions in page fault class 7 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT1                Number of transactions in think time class 1 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT2                Number of transactions in think time class 2 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT3                Number of transactions in think time class 3 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT4                Number of transactions in think time class 4 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT5                Number of transactions in think time class 5 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT6                Number of transactions in think time class 6 (Number)
TCLASS.THINKCOUNT7                Number of transactions in think time class 7 (Number)

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