Velocity Software, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the performance measurement of z/VM and Linux on z. The Velocity Performance Suite consist of a set of tools that enable installations running z/VM to manage Linux and z/VM performance. In addition, many components of server farms can be measured and analyzed. Performance data can be viewed real-time through the use of either 3270 or a browser. The CLOUD Implementation (zPRO) component is designed for full cloud PaaS implementation as well as to extend the capabilities of the z/VM sysprog (system programmer) to the browser world. This feature moves system management to the point-and-click crowd. Archived data and reports can be kept available of long term review and reporting usine zMAP. The zVPS, formally ESALPS, components consist of: zMON (formally ESAMON - real-time display of performance data), zTCP (formally ESATCP - SNMP data collection), zMAP (formally ESAMAP - historical reporting and archiving), zVWS (formally ESAWEB - z/VM based web server), zTUNE (a subscription service), zVIEW (formally SHOWCASE - web based viewing of performance data), zPRO (new to the quality line of Velocity Software Products). Velocity continues to work with other software vendors to ensure smooth interface with or from other products such as VM:Webgateway, CA-Webgateway, EnterpriseWeb, MXG, MICS. Velocity software remains the leader and inovator in the z/VM performance, Linux performance, Managing cloud computing arenas.
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Conversion from Web/Gateway to zVWS (formerly ESAWEB)

This tool is intended to provide assistance in migrating VM:Webgateway CGIs to ESAWEB format. VM:Webgateway CGI programs are processed and those CGI commands replaced with equivalent ESAWEB CGI commands. CGIs using logical device support are also converted with VIG commands being replaced by corresponding ESAWEB LDEV calls. A replacement is also provided for most the VIGRTNS processing.

The objective of this conversion suite is to allow the customer to begin using ESAWEB very quickly. Output from ESAWEB CGI commands is reorganized into VM:Webgateway format to minimize coding changes and speed implementation. However, this 'reorganization' will come at some small impact to performance, so programming changes at some later point, intend to utilize the native ESAWEB variable and stem structures is encouraged. While improving performance to some degree, these programming changes will also reduce the complexity of the converted CGI.

Because of contextual programming style considerations, all CGI programs will not convert completely. However, we are setting our goal at an 80-90 percent conversion rate and have achieved 100 percent is several test scenarios.

The beta testing program will start Monday, September 29, 2008. Any interested parties should contact Velocity Software.

Note that conversion from EnterpriseWeb originally from Beyond Software has been provided for several years.

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